5 Advantages of Quickride App

Businesses also have to find a way to keep itself in tune with what the customers or passengers’ need. One of which is the ability to automate the way the customer is requesting for shuttle service. Technology has now more than ever become a necessity in our lives. The advantages of Dealerships who incorporated techanological upgrade experienced the following:

Decrease in Errors

Automating how rides are being requested ensures shuttles remains on schedule. This process eliminates rides from getting dispatched incorrectly or late.

Increased Customer Service

By empowering customers or passengers to book their own rides. This gives them the flexibility and freedom to command the shuttle at their own time or pace. With an Uber-like feature, it lets them see where the shuttle is.

Data Analytics

Most of the dealerships use clipboards to document shuttle ride request. But data in the sheet of paper is unreliable. There’s a possibility that a ride may not get included or the time requested was not followed. But with having a system in place, you can now download a report and you have data to who, what, where and when. It even tracks warranty rides. With the report, you can analyze the data at hand and be able to organize how your shuttles work for you.


For Dealerships that has many shuttle automating the system is very beneficial. Each shuttle needs to log in the system and own a shuttle color that will represent the driver. Passenger report can get downloaded at the Command Center. All the information about the ride get retrieved including to whom the ride got assigned too.

Speed of Service

Having an organized system means Drivers will never miss a ride request. The ride request will go to the Driver’s phone immediately. For multiple ride requests, the rides gets grouped together. The rides will get assigned based on Quickride’s algorithm. It will factor in the distance, number of passengers on board and number of rides.

Diversification through technological enhancement places a dealership in a competitive advantage. And improve the quality of service for the benefit of the customers. We cannot prevent technology from advancing but we can use it to our advantage. As they say, don’t work hard but work smart.