3 Advantages of Having a Shuttle Service

Outstanding customer service has always been the determinant of a dealership’s success. Customers who experience great customer service are sure to come back or even refer you to their family, friends or colleagues. That’s why as an added service, most car dealers offer courtesy shuttle service. When vehicles are in for repairs, dealerships offer a shuttle to customers so that they can also enjoy their time instead of just waiting for the Service Department to finish the repair.

Here are the reasons why having a shuttle service is beneficial to the company:

  1. Customer Retention – by providing a way for people to move around when their vehicle is being repaired gives them the flexibility to use their time. If you back that up with great service and winning attitude, customers will definitely keep coming back.
  2. Customer Satisfaction – having a vehicle ready for pick-up/drop-off shows that car dealers value their customers’ time and activities. When customers have the ability to command for a shuttle when they need it, gives them the security that a ride will be there for them.
  3. Convenience – Having a vehicle on hand and ready to shuttle people around also shows the dealer’s readiness to perform its job not only for its customers but also for internal needs. Shuttle service doesn’t have to be exclusively used at the Service Department, in fact, there are dealerships that lets their shuttle be used for parts pick-up.

The key to keeping customers is the ability to honor commitments and performing duties above and beyond what is expected. Proving a shuttle service is a benefit that they can enjoy but make sure that the service being provided is timely, consistent and reliable. So when we say that the shuttle will be available in 20mins, make sure that it is available in the given time.