Passenger App: How to Set Correct Location

To set correct location in passenger app is very easy. Simplification is our goal to make sure that the app can user-friendly. We understand that at times, the simpler the app the more complicated it can get. Often the confusion lies in locating oneself using the passenger app link. The passenger…


Passenger App: Unable to Locate Correct Address

The Passenger app is designed to automatically locate the passenger's current location and it also has the option to manually enter the address. There are instances for which the passenger is unable to locate himself/herself in the app or might have encountered these scenarios: a. Google maps think…


Passenger App: Unable to Get Accurate Location

Is your map not giving you the right location? When you use the passenger app link, it comes off as broken or the map showing the whole of United State and not your current location? Here's a simple trick, turn on your location services. Once it's enabled, it will automatically update the map to…


Passenger App - Time Request

The best thing about the passenger app is that customers are able to summon a shuttle when they need to. Which means they only need to send in a request once when they are ready for pick up. Since shuttles are being summoned only when they need it, it is also advisable to give a leeway of 15-30mins…


Passenger App: SMS or Text Alerts

We send text reminders to customers when: When you select them as your destination (pressing the GO button) When you arrive at their location to pick them up When you drop them off somewhere other than the station (they get a link to summon a shuttle to return when they're ready to) When you…


Credit Card Payments for Quickride

Quickride accepts credit card payments, please call our customer service number. Our lines are open during Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm PST. Phone: 1 888-570-6807 Email Support: Or you can Chat with us, just click that little happy icon below.


Check Payment Information for Quickride

To all customers, Quickride accepts checks as modes of payment. For check payments, it can be sent to this address: Quickride LLC 17525 Community St. Northridge, CA 91325


Troubleshooting Command Center: Blank Screen

If you visit a website frequently, your web browser stores elements of the web page in a cache so that they do not have to be downloaded again each time you visit, making your browsing faster. In some cases, when the website is changed, you may not be able to view the changes because you are…


Troubleshooting Driver App

When a new version of an application is released most of the updates are done automatically without a need for a user to do anything. Most of the time users are just surprised by the new upgrade. There are also times that these upgrades can cause issues with the application hence if you notice this…


Troubleshooting: Command Center

We at Quickride are continually updating and enhancing our system to make sure that our application will be at its optimal performance when Shuttle Advisors, Dispatcher or Service Advisors uses the system. Usually, updates don't trigger latency and just works in the background without disturbing…