5 Best Driver Tips to Provide Quality Service

Being the best in the field means that you have to ensure that you provide quality service and it starts with how your Drivers represent the company.

Car Cleanliness

It is highlight recommended that every day before Drivers starts transporting customers that the vehicle that they will be using is clean, presentable and smells good. Nothing turns customers away fast than an unkempt vehicle.


Avoid dangerous driving and always follow driving rules. Avoid speeding, swerving or overtaking. We always make customers feel safe and that starts with how you follow correct driving. Make sure that the car is at a full stop when picking up and dropping off, make them wear seat belts, even if the customer is in a rush, no need to drive above speed limit instead ask the customer for the best route if he is familiar with the streets. Never compromise safety.


The map is a great tool to have when navigating and what makes it better is with GPS, it can track your location and provide a best possible route. There are times that there are routes that are not suggested and if the customer thinks that they can provide a better suggestion, it never hurts to take the suggestion especially if they have lived in the area for years.

Be Polite

Traffic or weather takes a toll on people’s patience but as a Driver, you always keep your cool and never lose your temper. Instead, greet your passengers, talk to them and build rapport and exchange stories. Never talk to someone on the phone unless it’s really needed, if it can’t be avoided, keep it short. As much as we like music, everybody has a different preference, have a soft, gentle music playing in the background and make sure that it’s not too loud.


Remind passengers leaving the vehicle to check their items and make sure that they didn’t leave anything behind, In case someone leaves an item, try to reach out and call the passenger.

These would help Drivers provide the best possible experience to customers. Providing quality experience will make them remember your Dealership in case they need to have their cars fixed again in the future.