How to Choose the Right App for Your Auto Dealership

Technology is evolving in auto dealerships. But with so many applications to choose from, it can be difficult to weed through what is the right solution for your dealership.

After helping dozens of Quickride partners successfully transform their shuttle management process with our app, the Quickride team understands that for some, taking on a new software can feel like a big undertaking.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are the six ways dealerships can select the right app for their business. Read on to learn more.

  • Understand your pain points

You can’t get started with a software solution until you understand your dealership’s obstacles.

Is it slow service? Poor time management? Decrease in customer retention?

Before purchasing a new tool or system, make a list of your highest priorities.

If a solution comes your way that screams I’ll make your life easier then it’s probably worth doing more research on.

  • Think long term

The market has and will continue to change. It’s a smart choice to buy into a product that will make sense from years on end.

The last thing you want to is to buy a software that a) your dealership will grow out of or b) will fall behind in tech trends.

The app should proactively roll out new updates and create new solutions to help with your evolving needs. Make sure to ask plenty of questions about how the software will continue to grow.

  • Get your team on board

A new tool means new training. Don’t leave your team hanging high and dry when it comes to onboarding and troubleshooting. Inquire before you sign a contract on the amount of training and support that will be provided.

You will also want to assess your team’s skills and capabilities to make a reasonable estimate on whether they can efficiently implement the tool.  If your dealership doesn’t have the will or the capacity to take on a new software, then you could run into troubles integrating it into your business.

  • Have the customer in mind

Not only do you want a tool that fits with your team, you also want to make sure it benefits the customer. A user-friendly tool that will improve the customer experience can result in better retention and higher profits.

Find out what type of devices your target demographic uses and whether the app is compatible with those. You can send out email and social media surveys, or ask customers in-person when they come in for visits.

  • Read reviews and recommendations

There’s nothing like a bad review to make you think twice about purchasing a product. So again, make sure to do your research.

Read review sites, blogs, check out their social media pages, and ask industry partners about the tool.

If you can’t find anything, then ask the company for case studies, testimonials, or references.

Ensuring that you’ve done a thorough background check will alleviate any concerns about whether a product is trustworthy.

  • Research integrations

If you’re going to make a new investment, you’ll want to maximize everything that software has to offer. Inquire on the types of integrations that are available to save you time and headaches in the long run. There’s nothing better than when technology works seamlessly together!

Ready to purchase?

Being thoughtful, doing your research, and having a solid understanding of your dealership’s needs will point your purchasing power in the right direction.

If you want to learn more about Quickride’s application, speak with an expert today.