Command Center: Create Ride – Future (Scheduled Rides)

Dealers have the ability to set a future trip request in Command Center on behalf of the customers/passengers,

These are the steps:

1. From your internet browser, type the log-in page, enter your Station ID and Pin#,  click LOGIN and you will be directed to the Command Center page.

login command center

2. In Command Center, click on Create a New Ride and select Future.

create a ride future

3. Complete the Create a Ride form.

create a ride future form

a. Ride Date – Dealers can set future date and time for the trip/ride request on behalf of the customer.
Choose a date – to choose a date, just click on the icon and the calendar option will pop-up.

choose date

* Set time – to choose a time, just click on the clock icon and you can select the time (hh:mm) am/pm.

set time
b. Passenger Name –  put in the Customer or Passenger First and Last name for identification.

c. Phone Number –  correct phone number should be put into the system to ensure that in case they need to get in touch with each another that they will be able to reach the right person.

d. To and From – this enables the Dealer put in the passenger destination. In case they are at the Dealership, just click on Station and that will auto-populate with the Dealer’s address.

e. Notes – this provides an option to include a short description of the customer/passenger for easy identification.

f.  Reference Number – this enables the Dealers to use their internal reference number for tracking & documentation.

g. Under Warranty – this helps Dealers mark customer’s shuttle request if it’s still covered by warranty or not for reimbursement purposes.
** Tick if the customer is covered and leave blank if the customer is outside warranty. 

under warranty

4. Once the trip/ride has been created. In Command Center, the date and time when the trip is scheduled will be visible. It will be marked as “Scheduled”. Please note that the ride will remain Unassigned to a Driver until such time that the ride is already scheduled. 

schedule ride

5. On the day or time, the trip/ride is scheduled, that is when it will be assigned to a driver.

assigning driver

Once a Driver has been assigned to the take the trip, under Driver, it will change from Assigning to the Driver Name. On the map, it will change from Unassigned to Waiting. Please note that “Waiting” doesn’t mean that the customer is already boarded, it just means that it’s already scheduled. Once the passenger is onboard, it will change to en route if the passenger is in transit to its preferred destination.

waiting scheduled ride

6. In case that there is information that needs to be updated or added, that can be done by just going to the assigned trip and updating the information.

update information future ride

7. If the trip request needs to be canceled, just go to the bottom part of the request and click Cancel. That will immediately end the trip request.

cancel scheduled ride