Command Center: Create Ride – Set by Passenger

For Passenger Trip Request it is when we send a text message with a link to the passenger app, and the passenger uses that to request a ride, This enables passengers to decide on when they need the service. They have to download the app through their mobile phones and send the request from there. The app is available for download both in Itunes or Google Play.

1. From your internet browser, type the log-in page, enter your Station ID and Pin#,  click LOGIN and you will be directed to the Command Center page.

login command center

2. In Command Center, after clicking the Create New Ride, select Set by Passenger.

create ride set by passenger

3. Complete the Create a Ride form.

create ride set by passenger form

a. Passenger Name –  put in the Customer or Passenger First for identification as this information will also be displayed in the driver app. Also, consider your local state privacy laws when putting in customers’ first and last name.

b. Phone Number –  correct phone number should be put into the system to ensure that in case they need to get in touch with each another that they will be able to reach the right person.

4. Once all fields have been completed, just click on Schedule Ride.  The Passenger will be receiving a message shortly with the link to the app for download.

scheduled ride