Command Center: Distance from Dealership

Dealerships sometimes set a limit to how far the shuttle service can go, more often they set a 5, 10 or even 15-mile radius from the dealership. Quickride has upgraded the Command Center to now reflect how far the customer wants to go from the dealership.

Once the address is put in the Create a Ride form, distance is shown before it gets submitted. Service Advisors or Dispatchers can now see how many miles the location requested is and from the dealership.

create ride distance from dealership

This is also visible when the request has been submitted.

distance from dealership submitted

Keep in mind that this only measures the distance from point A to point B and does not take into account turns and roads. This only measures the distance (radius) of a location to the Dealership. If your Dealership has a limit of a 10-mile radius and in the Command Center when the ride is being created and it shows that it’s at 9.50 miles, there is a possibility that the ride will exceed your shuttle limit and you have to advise the customer that your shuttle service cannot go beyond that limit.

When the ride is created the actual miles will be visible in the navigation app of the Driver. In the driver app navigation screen it will show the driving distance and accounts for turns and roads.