Command Center: Download Report

Downloading a report in the Command Center is easy for Managers and Service Advisors. They can get reports on daily, weekly and monthly shuttle performance. The ride reports give information on past rides. It provides information on the trips the Drivers made, passenger locations and a lot more.

There are many benefits to being able to get a report.

  1. Rides that are for warranty reimbursement are ready for submission to car manufacturers. When the rides get created, Advisors can mark warranty rides. With the report, there will be no more missing information, no more forgetting which passenger it was.
  2. Identify which Advisors created the ride request. Many rides can get created in a day and its hard to track who made the request. If there are complaints, all you need to do is look at the report.
  3. Identify which Drivers the passengers got assigned too. All rides get assigned to a Driver. If the ride gets reassigned, whoever is the last Driver assigned will be the one recorded in the report.
  4. Understand the locations where the Drivers usually travel. Many Managers try to figure out where and how far shuttles go. By looking at the report, they can now see the radius of their shuttles.
  5. To get the number of rides made daily, weekly and monthly. One of the advantages of knowing the numbers is that Managers can decide on the number of shuttles. There are peak and low days, by understanding the average number of rides, Managers can plan on shuttle use.

With the ability to extract reports, Dealerships will understand shuttle data. Data analysis is essential in making a business decision that will impact customer service.

To download reports:

  1. Go to Control Panel and click Ride Report
  2. Enter the dates that you want for the report. This will populate rides created for the date range.
  3. You can also download by pressing the arrow down icon.