Command Center: Download Report Flow

From the log-in page, Dealers will be able to see the Menu option for which it can select to download reports and filter needed information for data analysis.

dealers menu

Instructions to download reports:

1. From the Menu drop down menu click on Download Report

download report

2. Upon clicking the Download Report, the pop-up box for the date will appear. You will have the option to extract data daily, weekly or monthly report. After selecting the dates, just click on download to begin.

qr download report

a. After clicking download, it will download an excel sheet containing the data. Click on the excel file to open.

download excel file

b. The excel sheet will contain the extracted report, you can then filter the data based on the information that you need. Each ride or trip request will be automatically assigned an ID number. You can then filter based on Date, Warranty, Reference number, Driver, Passenger name, Address, and State. Any additional notes on the ride are also captured.
excel sheet