Command Center: Driver Report

Car Dealers now has a way to know how their drivers have performed. With the upgrade in the Command Center, Service Advisors and Shuttle Dispatchers are able to download the report at the end of the day.

With the report, they are now able to:

  1. Know how many rides a Driver has completed for the day.
  2. Which Passengers the Driver shuttled.
  3. Which Driver completed the ride.
  4. Track Warranty rides

To access the report, from the Command Center click on Menu and select Download report.
download report

This will open a pop-up box and this will give an option to select the dates you need a report on and click on Download

download report qr

The downloaded file will be in an excel sheet that will allow you to filter the information that you need and know which Driver a ride was assigned to.
shuttle report

driver report

Only Shuttle drivers can mark the ride Finished or Complete. Drivers do not have the ability to Cancel a ride.

There are 2 ways that a ride can be canceled:

  1. At the Command Center
  2. If the Customer used the invite link and made a request using the Passenger App. they too have the option to cancel the ride.