Command Center: Map Controls

The map view enables both Dealer and Driver see current and scheduled trips real time. Here are the different parts of the map:


map controls

a. Center button – this icon will give an overall view of the station to the current shuttle location.
b. Zoom in buttons (+)
 – this icon will help bring the map view closer to get a more detailed sight or street view of the map. 
c. Zoom out buttons (-)
– this icon will pan out the map view, enabling city/state view of the map.

station icon

d. Station icon – this is the dealer’s address where the map is currently configured in Command Center.

help icon button

e. Help icon button – an interactive messaging system that lets the customer get assistance from the Quickride team.

shuttle icon

f. Shuttle icon – these are active shuttles in transit to their passenger destinations. Inactive shuttles or drivers are not visible on the map. Each shuttle is color-coded  for easy tracking and identification.