Command Center: Map View

These are the various icons that can be seen in Command Center:

command center map view

a. Center button – this icon will give an overall view from the station to the current shuttle location.
b. Zoom in buttons (+)
 – this icon will help bring the map view closer to get a more detailed sight or street view of the map. 
c. Zoom out buttons (-)
– this icon will pan out the map view, enabling city/state view of the map.
d. Station icon/Dealer Location – this is the dealer’s address where the map is currently configured in Command Center
e. Chat Help icon –  an interactive messaging system that lets the customer get assistance from the Quickride team.
f. Shuttle vehicle icon – these are active shuttles in transit to their passenger destinations. Inactive shuttles or drivers are not visible on the map. Each shuttle is color-coded for easy tracking and identification.

The Different States when Creating Ride

In Command Center, on the day the trip is scheduled, that would be the only time that it will be assigned to the driver. It will take 60secs for the trip to be assigned to the Driver. These are the icons that you will notice.

a. Waiting (dropoff) – when a customer is at the dealership waiting to be dropped at a certain location.
b. Waiting (pickup) – when a customer is at a certain location waiting to be brought back to the dealership
d. En route – the passenger is in transit to its requested destination.
e. Scheduled – the passenger has scheduled a future dated ride.

different states creating ride

qr map view