Command Center: Overview

command center overview

The Command Center has several features and functions that will enable car dealers to manage their shuttle service thru this application.

The Menu Option:

This option has 3 parts:

  1. Tutorials – contains Quickride FAQ on how to use the application properly.
  2. Download Report – this enables Service Managers to download the report on how the shuttles performed by providing data on who completed the rides, how many were completed and how many were canceled.
  3. Logout – to log out of the command center

menu option

How does it work?

This provides users a demo video on how the Quickride application works in the Command Center, Driver app, and Passenger app.

how it works command center

Create a Ride

This option has 3 parts:

  1. Create a Ride – Now
  2. Create a Ride – Future
  3. Create a Ride – Set by Passenger

create a ride

Filter Rides

This option has 5 parts:

  1. Waiting for Pickup
  2. En Route
  3. Canceled
  4. Finished
  5. Rides Today

filter rides

Left Side of the Screen

This provides a view on ride passenger information, ride status and assigned driver.

left side screen

Driver Details

This view allows the Service Manager to see how fast the driver is driving, how many passengers are waiting and shuttle color they represent. This is where a shuttle driver can be logged out.

driver details


The station is the car dealer’s address. This provides a summary of the number of shuttles available, number of incoming and outgoing rides.



Each driver will be asked to pick a shuttle color and that driver will be represented by that color.


Map Controls

  1. Center Icon – this enables the user to get an overview of where all the shuttles are.
  2. Zoom Out – This is used when the user wants to zoom out of the map to city or street view.
  3. Zoom in – This is used when the user wants to zoom in of the map to street, city or even state view.

map controls

Help Icon

This allows the user to chat with a representative real-time.

help icon