Command Center: Overview

The Command Center is a shuttle management system that can help log and track the shuttle ride request for car dealerships and also give them the ability to track and monitor their shuttles. The platform has two parts.

Shuttles Tab

The Shuttles tab is where the ride requests get created, viewed, and where shuttles get tracked. On the right side is the ride list, this contains all the active, canceled and completed rides. On the left side is the map view; this is where the shuttles can get tracked in real-time, each shuttle is identifiable by the color of the shuttle. The map also has the Driver information, its where the number of passengers and driver speed gets tracked and the ETA on when the Driver can be expected to be back at the dealership. 

Settings Tab

In the Settings tab, this is where the dashboard and reports can get generated and analyzed to determine how many rides get created per drivers, how far the shuttles go and even how fast/slow the rides are getting completed. The messages and SMS templates are a notification for internal employees and customers that can get customized to what the dealership needs. The passenger’s reviews are here. And more importantly, this is where the logins for the employees and drivers are created or disabled.