Command Center: Ride Distribution

The Quickride shuttle algorithm is optimized for the quickest drop off/pickup time for the customer. So if you have several people to pick up or drop off and multiple shuttle vans, Quickride will group the passengers together into a shuttle based on the following conditions:

When considering a RIDE to assign:

  • First, it finds the shuttles that are currently within 2 miles of the pickup location
  • Second, it finds shuttles without a ride assigned to them
  • Third, it then finds shuttles with rides assigned to them that have dropoff locations that are close to the ride to assign
  • Fourth, it then finds shuttles with the least number of rides assigned
  • Finally, it then finds shuttles with the least number of passengers aboard

This ensures that your customers are dropped off/picked up as quickly as possible and that you shuttle returns to the dealer as quickly as possible.