Command Center: Ride Distribution

Ride distribution is now simplified and automatic. Quickride developed an algorithm that is intuitive. The algorithm will ensure that the Driver’s route gets planned out. And the rides get distributed with the greatest efficiency.

Conditions on how the rides get assigned to the shuttle driver.

First, it finds the shuttles that are currently within 2 miles of the pickup location.
Second, it finds shuttles without a ride attached to them.
Third, it then finds shuttles with trips assigned to them that have drop-off locations that are close to the journey to assign.
Fourth, it then finds shuttles with the least number of rides assigned. It then finds shuttles with the least amount of passengers aboard.
The best part of having the rides planned and organized is that the ETAs are accurate. There is a decrease in the number of calls to the shop asking where the shuttle is. Customers get updated real-time on where the Driver is and when they can expect the Driver to arrive.