Command Center: Ride Report

The Ride report will give you an overview of the ride details without downloading the report. In case you still need to, you need to, click download to do so.

This report will give you an understanding from when the ride got created and until it got completed or canceled. The Ride report also brings about accountability on the part of your team because the report will show who created or canceled the ride and who completed it too.

ID – this corresponds to the ride request number.
Date and Time – this pertains to the date and time the ride got completed.
Wnty – is for Warranty rides.
Driver – this is the name of the shuttle driver who completed the ride.
Created By – this shows which Service Advisor made the ride request.
Passenger – this gives information for whom the ride request got  made
Pick-up & Drop-off Address – locations where the driver went
State – this provides information on the status of the ride, and it can either got Finished or Cancelled.

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