Command Center: Ride Status

Once the ride has been created, it will be assigned to a Shuttle Driver in a few seconds. Once the Driver receives the information, he can then decide when to pick-up/drop off the customer.

By default, when the ride is assigned to a Driver, it will be marked as Waiting. If the Driver is on its way to pick-up the customer and drops them off, it will be marked as Enroute.

en route

When the Driver dropped/picked up the customer successfully, them ride will then be marked as Completed. However, if the ride is canceled at the Command Center or at the Passenger App, it will be marked as Canceled. Drivers cannot cancel rides.


Service Advisors can get a real-time update by just glancing at the Command Center. In cases that they want to have the passenger picked up right away, they can always contact the Shuttle Driver.