Command Center: Selected Ride and Ride Reassigning

When a driver logs in the system, it can view all available and pre-scheduled trips and from there can already accept them. However, there are instances wherein a Driver may not be able to complete the trip, for example, due to engine trouble, Dealers can easily reassign them to another Driver.

reassign driver

On the example above, the trip was initially assigned to Shutte1 (purple shuttle icon) on the map view it also shows that the current en route trip is marked in purple. If in case the Driver had engine trouble, Dealers can just tick Shuttle2 (orange shuttle icon). A popup menu asking if the trip will be reassigned, just click on ok.

pop up reassign driver

The trip will then be reassigned to the next available Driver. The shuttle color will now change from purple to orange. Even in the map section, orange shutter Driver is now the active owner of the ride.

reassigned trip

**In case the Driver signs out of the system with an active passenger request on the queue or waiting, the next shuttle driver available will get the request. Dealers can also manually assign the trip through the Command Center. 

Update Information on the Ride Request

There are cases when there is information that needs to be updated or added, that can be done by just going to the assigned trip and updating the information. On the ride request, you can update if it’s in warranty or not, put it reference number or even add notes.

updating information