Command Center: Shuttle Not Being Tracked

Quickride will continually update our applications to ensure that it’s going to remain efficient, precise and relevant. During those updates, developers push these changes in the system and ideally should not impact operations or customer application. However, there are rare instances that this can lead to latency on the application and these issues can be observed:

  1. There is a purple line on the screen that never goes away.
  2. Even when there is a shuttle, shuttle count is still at zero.
  3. Unable to see shuttle location real-time

track shuttle

Here’s what you need to do:

    1. On the Command Center screen, logout your Driver/s by clicking on log out beside the Driver name.


  1. On the same screen press CTRL + SHIFT + R to refresh your browser. (This has to be done on every computer that the Command Center is being used).
  2. Ask your Shuttle Driver to log back in.

In case your Driver is encountering an error with the Driver app check this link on how to Troubleshoot the Driver app.