Command Center: Shuttles

We added a new feature in the Command Center that gives the dispatchers the ability to pre-assign rides while the form is getting filled up. In the create a ride form, you will now see a new dropdown labeled Shuttle.

The Shuttle is a dropdown of all shuttles for the station. If the Driver is logged in the Driver app, their name will appear in the shuttle name. On the create a ride forms Dispatchers can now choose to 2 ways to assign trips to the Driver.

Two ways to Assign Rides:

  1. Automatic – this is the default option. What it means is that the created rides will get assigned to a shuttle Driver based on Quickride’s algorithm.
  2. Pre-Assign – Dispatchers can now pre-assign ride to a specific Shuttle Driver. This lessens the need to reassign a ride. Reassigning rides always negatively impact customers because they will be seeing different ETAs. By pre-assigning trips, this eliminates unwanted wait time, and it gets the customers to its designated Driver.