Command Center: Users

The User tab will allow you to create logins for all the members of your dealership. 

It is essential to complete the information to ensure that Customers has a way to get in touch with your dealership. Updating the phone number for both the drivers and service advisors will enable the customer to reach them using the passenger app. Even the shuttle driver can call the service advisor who created the ride request.

To add a new user:

Adding a new user gives a person access to the Command Center or the Driver app. Depending on the person’s role Service Director or Service Managers can grant Admin or User access. 

  • Username – this is what the person will use to log-in to the account.
  • Display Name – this is the name that shows in the Command Center.
  • Phone Number – this can be the person’s phone number or the shop’s mainline.
  • Email Address (optional) 
  • User Type – only grant Admin rights to ones who are in charge of the Command Center settings or updating details in the Control Panel. 
  • Password – this is where you can set and reset the password.

To edit a user

If you want to edit, reset password or disable a user from the Command Center, look for the person’s name on the account list. Besides the person’s name click on the pencil icon to edit user’s information. Please note that accounts created cannot be deleted, but they can be disabled. 

**User access has no visibility to the Message Templates, Station Settings, Users or Reviews. Only ones with Admin access can view them.

Admin access features versus User access: 

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