5 Common Android Issues Encountered by Driver App Users

When it comes to technology, nothing is perfect, such is the case for Android platforms. Issues with mobile phones can vary depending on the phone make, model, android version and so much more. In this article, we will find the most common issues that might affect the Driver app.

1. Phone Freezing, Slow or Not Responding

This happens when the device’s storage fills up. It is common for Android to have 2 kinds of storage which is the Phone/Internal memory and the SD card memory. Over time you tend to download apps and forgot about them and these unused apps will eat up your internal memory, slowing your phone down. You then need to delete the unused app to get your phone running at its optimal level.

2. Connectivity issues

When passing by tall buildings, thick walls, foliage or it’s just that the area can weaken signal strength, it can cause connectivity issues. Issues can with Bluetooth, WI-FI or cellular network. What you can do it enable Airplane mode for 30 seconds, toggle it off, and try connecting again. Sometimes simply toggling the specific connection can also solve the problem.

3. App crashes

This happens for a different reason but the most common of them is when either the app or the phone needs to be updated. Ensure to check if there is an update to let the phone continue with the updates.

4. Screen not responding

At this point, the best option, if the screen is not responding, is to reboot/restart the phone. This will enable the user to gain control of the mobile phone.

5. Driver App Loading/Error in Logging in

If the Driver cannot log-in or that the Quickride logo is just going round and round, kindly check the phone’s internet connection/data plan. Please make sure that the Driver is not connected thru WIFI, it should only be connected thru the phone’s cellular data.