Driver App: Contacting Associate and Customers

Contacting people at the Dealership or the Customer has never been easy. Usually, Drivers will find themselves playing phone tags. With Quickride we simplified the process of contacting a person whether Drivers need to speak with the one who created the ride or their Passenger. Its because the name of Person who organized the trip will be visible both at the Command Center and the Driver app.

Did you know that we are now using driving distance instead of straight line distance? The driving distance is more accurate as it factors in road and traffic conditions.

Contacting Associate

On the Driver app, we have included the option for the Drivers to call the person who created the ride request. The name is under the heading of Associate. An Associate can refer to Service Advisors, BDC, Shuttle Coordinator or the person who created the ride request. To Call the Associate, click on the phone icon beside the name.

Contacting Passenger

Drivers will also have the ability to get in touch with the Passengers. On the lower part of the ride request, click on Contact Passenger. The option to Select a Contact Method will appear.