Driver App: Navigation System

We at Quickride are continually working to make our navigation systems much better and safer for our Shuttle Drivers. We have upgraded the Driver app navigation system to ensure that the Drivers are able to drive optimally. We made changes to enhance the driving experience of shuttle drivers. In doing so, we can ensure that:

Less Accidents

Quickride is built to help drivers shuttle passengers in the most efficient way. With the use of the navigation system, it will provide drivers with the best possible route or the shortest route going to the destination thereby saving the Driver time off the road. This also lessens the chance of the Driver encountering accidents brought about by lack of knowledge on the road, instead, with the help of Quickride, it will automatically provide the best route.

Ease of tracking new location/address

Having Quickride will help the Drivers navigate faster with a lesser chance of getting lost and since the system is automated the Drivers can focus on his/her surrounding and pay attention to the road since navigation system is voice activate. Even if the Driver has multiple passengers on board you can be assured that each will arrive at their destination in the fastest time possible because drivers are guided with the turn by turn navigation system.

Safer Driving

We’ve already heard it several times how accident prone a driver is when using a mobile phone but in this instance, if the mobile phone is being used for navigation while mounted on the dashboard it will actually help prevent an accident. With the Driver worrying less about finding the location or getting lost and just relying on the voice-activated navigation system, Drivers can focus more on driving safely as they have more time observing their surrounding during traffic. They don’t have to drive fast because the routes are predetermined to be the optimal route to take at the fastest possible time. In case they do drive fast, the current shuttle speed is visible in the Command Center, anyone manning it can easily flag the Driver.

In summary, the Driver app will help Car Dealers shuttle more passengers because the system is automated therefore it will always provide Shuttle Drivers with the best possible route in the shortest time even if the Driver is unfamiliar with the area, he/she will never get lost. Safety of the Driver and Passengers are observed as having the speed of the shuttle reflected in the Command Center.