Driver App: Navigation System

We at Quickride are working to make our navigation systems much better and safer. The efficiency of the Drivers will increase because of the proper use of the app. We made changes to enhance the driving experience of shuttle drivers. In doing so, we can ensure that:

Fewer Accidents

We created Quickride to help drivers shuttle passengers most efficiently. With the use of the navigation system, it will provide drivers with the best possible route. It will thereby save the Driver time off the road. This also lessens the chance of the Driver encountering accidents. If the Driver is unfamiliar with the area, the app will provide the driving direction.

Ease of tracking new location/address

Quickride will help the Drivers navigate faster with a lesser chance of getting lost. The system has voice instructions so that the Drivers can focus on his/her surrounding. Even if the Driver has many passengers on board, they will arrive at their destination faster.

Being thoughtful, doing your research, and having a solid understanding of your dealership’s needs will point your purchasing power in the right direction.

Safer Driving

We’ve already heard it several times how accident prone a driver is when using a mobile phone. That is why we prefer that the mobile phones get mounted on the dashboard. This will help prevent accidents from happening. And with the Driver worrying less about finding the location they can focus more on driving. The best part is that routes are visible and based on driving direction. The driving direction factors in the Driver’s current location and traffic conditions.

The Driver app helps Drivers shuttle passengers faster because of the automated system. Thus it will always provide Drivers with the best possible route. in the shortest time even if the Driver is unfamiliar with the area, he/she will never get lost.