Driver App Navigation

Another great feature for the Driver app is the real-time GPS and Map navigation system that allows, not only Dealers but passengers/customers see their shuttle service real time. This built-in the system provides a timely update on the shuttles’ location.

Once a trip has been scheduled, the Driver will receive a message advising that a Customer has booked a ride.

ride booking

If there are other trips within the area, that will be visible on the map and it will also show the exact location of other waiting passengers.


The driver can see all the passengers waiting for the trip to be accepted and based on his current location, he can efficiently navigate using the map to reach the customer faster.

passenger waiting

Once he has accepted a passenger request, he will have the option to call them and he will also see how far away and the time needed before he reaches his destination.

passenger destination

Upon onboarding the passenger, the app will notify the Driver the trip has started.

driver notification

This is also visible and updates real time in the Command Center app so that Dealers have visibility and availability of their Drivers.