Five Car Saving Tips That Help You Keep Your Car Interior Clean

Often times, people are more obsessed about cleaning the car’s exterior. The moment a car gets dirty, dusty and muddy it’s off to the car wash. But how often does the car’s interior gets cleaned? The car’s interior is like the inside of the house, it also gets dirty, stinky and if you have kids it can be very messy. Here are a few cleaning tips that work like magic:

1. CL.A.Y.GO (clean as you go) – Eating inside the vehicle is the number 1 cause of all the mess inside a vehicle. Especially if there are kids or if you are stuck in traffic or that early morning breakfast rush inside the car. Strictly enforce a no trash policy inside the car and if it cannot be avoided, get a trash bin.

2. Buy a portable vacuum cleaner – this is a perfect companion for quick clean-ups. It can easily clean crumbs, dirt, and dust in a few minutes.

3. Microfibers are lifesavers – this super absorbent and scratch proof material is great at dealing with spills. This can also be used for quick buffs, just make sure there’s a leather seat conditioner handy as well.

4. Windshield Sun Shade – the weather can be unpredictable thus there is no assurance that when a car is parked in a shady area, it will remain shaded. The windshield shade is used to repel the sun’s damaging rays from frying the car’s interiors and also its passengers.

5. Use Car Odor Eliminators – this is a sure way to remove stale and unwanted odor that sticks to the car over time. Use ones that absorb the odors instead of ones that use scents to mask it.


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