Cracking the Driver Code: How Quickride Helped this Honda Shuttle Driver Improve His Ride Time and Customer Satisfaction

Implementing a new app for a business isn’t as easy as one might think. No matter how confident you are in your team’s abilities, you are bound to come across a few, if not many, roadblocks along the way. Everyone’s skill level is different and those variances must be taken into account when taking on a new tool.

As a software solution company, Quickride understands this challenge which is why our team is diligent about providing comprehensive training and support to our partners. We know that not everyone is accustomed to using tech solutions, so we do our absolute best to make sure our partners are equipped with the right resources to succeed.

Shuttle Driver Success

We recently had the opportunity to speak with shuttle driver Floyd Nance from South Tacoma Honda. The dealership has been using Quickride for over a year and Floyd is now a seasoned pro when it comes to navigating the Quickride Driver App – but it wasn’t always that way.

Prior to using Quickride, Floyd Nance had never touched a smart phone. As one can imagine, Floyd was quite apprehensive about using Quickride’s interface. However, once he jumped feet first into using the platform he quickly realized the app’s ease of use.

“I’m a person who has never had an iphone, a text message, or a voice mail. As I started to use Quickride, it became easier and easier every day,” said Floyd.

End-to-End Training

Floyd attributed his smooth on-boarding to Quickride’s in-depth training and readily available support team.

“Once I began using the app, questions started popping up left and right. The support team was always available and they’ll call you back if you need anything else.”

He has enjoyed integrating the app into his driving and hasn’t run into any troubleshooting issues.

“The Quickride app is adaptable to our needs on a daily basis. We’re notified of any updates and anytime we have any sort of problem, it’s fixed right after. It just all works!”

Customer Satisfaction

Now as an expert Quickride user, Floyd has seen the true impact of the app. He gets customers to and from their destination quicker, and says that customers are starting to take notice.

“Quickride allows everything to happen more accurately. Customers tune into accuracy very much – they don’t want mistakes especially with their shuttles. Our jobs are made better with Quickride.”

Your Shuttle Partner

Thank you to Floyd who took the time to speak with us. The Quickride team is proud to work with our partners, and we look forward to helping even more dealerships improve their workflows and customer satisfaction! Schedule a demo with us to learn more.