How to Cancel a Ride?

In case a ride was booked incorrectly it can be canceled. There are only 2 ways a ride can be canceled: through the Passenger app or the Command Center. Shuttle Drivers don’t have the ability to cancel rides, they can only finish/complete a ride.

On the Passenger App

If the ride has been scheduled, the Passenger has the ability to cancel the ride on the app. The “Cancel Ride” button is not the exit button for the app, once pressed/clicked it will cancel the ride booked.

cancel ride passenger app

On the Command Center

If you wish to cancel the ride booked, just select that ride from which details of the requests are listed. Just scroll from the lower button of the app and the Cancel option will be there.

how to cancel ride command center

The app doesn’t cancel people or rides booked automatically. It has to be manually done in order for the cancel request to be completed.