New Command Center: How to Create a Ride

With the Quickride Command Center you have access to important passenger information such as a means of contacting them, their vehicle’s RO number, and the service advisor that set up their shuttle ride.

After logging into the Quickride Command Center, you now have the ability to Create a New Ride. You have the option of creating the ride for Now, the Future, or send a link to have the ride Set by the Passenger. Here are some step by step instructions on how to set a ride for NowFuture, or Set by Passenger.

      1. Click on the “Create New Ride” button located on the upper left region of the Command Center. Once you have done so, a pop up window will appear where you will fill out the passenger information.

    1. New rides are automatically labeled for “Now.” This means that the shuttle driver is scheduled to  pick up or drop off the passenger right away.
    2. Here’s what a Create a Ride form set to “Now” looks like before it’s filled out.
    3. If you need to schedule the ride for a future time, select the “Future” option in the drop down menu.
        1. Here’s what a Create a Ride form set to “Future” looks like before it’s filled out.

          Notice how it has all the same fields as a “Now” ride but with a few extra fields. With a ride set for a future date, you can select the exact date and time the passenger needs the shuttle as well as their specified pickup/drop-off address.

    4. If the passenger would like to schedule the ride themselves, select “Set By Passenger” in the dropdown menu.
      1. Here’s what a Create a Ride form set to “Passenger” looks like before it’s filled out.

        All that is needed here is the passneger’s name and phone number. Once the form is filled out, just click the “Schedule Ride” button and a link to the Quickride Passenger App will be sent to the passenger so that he or she may set up a ride.

    5. Here’s an example of a filled out ride form set to “Now” (this is most commonly used).
      1. Service Advisor – make sure that your Display/Username shows up here. If you do no see your name, click the dropdown arrow and select your name.
      2. Passenger Name –  put in the Customer/Passenger First and Last name for identification.
      3. Phone Number –  correct phone number should be put in the system to ensure that, in case they need to get in touch with each other, they will be able to reach the right person.
      4. Pickup and Dropoff – this enables the Dealer put in the passenger destination. In case they are at the Dealership, just click on Station and that will automatically fill that field with your service center’s address.
      5. Notes – this provides an option to include a short description of the customer/passenger for easy identification.
      6. Reference Number – this enables the Dealers to use their internal reference number for tracking & documentation.
      7. Under Warranty – this helps Dealers mark customer’s shuttle request if it’s still covered by warranty or not for reimbursement purposes.
    6. After completing the form click “Create Ride” and the ride will automatically be assigned to one of the shuttle drivers.

And that’s it! You now know how to create three types of rides: rides for NowFuture, and Set by Passenger. Here are some other How To’s you might find helpful.

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