How to Use the Driver App?

This provides information on how to use the Driver app. Please note that when using the app that the data comes from the cell phone plan unless it’s on a wireless internet provided by the Dealer.

The app will also need to access your device’s GPS system thus will ask your permission to access your location. This is needed to accurately track the shuttle through the Command Center.

quickride driver app welcome

Steps on how to use the Driver App:

1.. The Driver needs to download the app first from Google Play or App Store.

download app

2. After downloading the app, the Driver will be prompted to log-in using Station ID and Pin#.

login quickride app

3. The Driver will then be prompted to select a Shuttle.

driver app

Unlocking Shuttles:

  • If a particular color is locked, it means that another driver has taken that spot.
  • In case the shuttle needs to be unlocked, it can only be requested thru the Command Center. Drivers no longer have the capability to unlock shuttles. This also prevents accidentally logging out Drivers.
  • There are only 6 colors to choose from and if a dealer has more than 6 shuttles, it will cycle back to the first color and so forth for the succeeding shuttles.   These colors are also represented on the map for easy identification.

4. The Driver will be prompted to put his name to lock the available shuttle under his name.

driver name

Unlocking Shuttles:

The Driver won’t be able to unlock a fellow Driver. As an added security, only the one with an access to Command Center is able to unlock a shuttle driver.

driver unlock

5. When a ride request has been created, this will show up on the Shuttle Driver’s queue. The system will automatically assign the ride to the available Driver.
shuttle drivers queue

6. Once the ride request is queued to the Driver, the Driver will see this information.
ride queued information

7. When a new ride is assigned, the passenger’s shuttle status will be on No as default. Once the passenger has boarded the shuttle the Driver just need to mark the ride as Yes.

8. If you need to contact the passenger via CALL or SMS, just click on Contact Passenger. To call, just choose the option to contact by phone and that will automatically dial the number. To send an SMS, just copy and paste the number into a message.

contact passenger

9. For multiple ride request, the driver can choose which passenger to pick-up first. He thereby can decide which route is more efficient to take based on his current location and distance to the dealership.

multiple ride

10. Once logged in, the Drive will also have a map to provide a detailed instruction on how to reach and bring the passenger to its desired location. Upon reaching the destination, the driver just needs to mark the ride complete to close the ticket and proceed with to the next customer.

drive map

Whether the Driver is picking up or dropping off a passenger, the information on shuttle location is updated real-time. When a new ride gets assigned, the Driver will also receive a notification of the ride making sure that every request made is completed by the Driver.

driver completed

In case you are experiencing issues or latency with Command Center or the Driver app. You can check our troubleshooting tips. Just click here.