3 Important Tips in Managing Rides

There are times when a Driver gets multiple ride requests.  Here are some things to keep in mind:


It’s all about location. If you have multiple passengers it is best to start with the farthest passenger, that way you can just pick up the rest of the passengers along the way back to the dealership. Remember: the Driver is always in control of who gets picked up first.


Quickride has a superb navigation system, it is best to follow the suggested path to take. Once the navigation system notifies you that you’ve arrived and navigation is complete, a text message is sent to the passenger notifying them of your arrival.  The text message says “Your driver JOHN has arrived and is waiting for you.”

On SMS Reminders

We send text reminders to customers when you:

  • Select them as your destination (pressing the GO button)
  • Arrive at their location to pick them up
  • And drop them off somewhere other than the station (they get a link to summon a shuttle to return when they’re ready to)

So if you hit the “go” button and “back” and then “go” again the customer will receive two text messages.

Note: Customers can reply to any one of our text messages with the word “STOP” and we’ll stop sending them messages.  Every one of the text messages that we send to our users says as much.


If you can’t find your passenger or your passenger is at a different pick-up point, you can always call your passenger. And if you don’t want to call, you can also send a text message, just copy the phone number and paste it in the text message.