How this dealer increased profit$25,282.68Annually with this one quick fix!

Mark Toohey

3 Way Chevrolet

Before Quickride, we had no idea where our shuttles were and I was constantly interrupted with angry customers demanding to know when they were going to be picked up.

Once we implemented Quickride, I stopped getting customer complaints about the shuttle, I started earning new money from warranty reimbursements and I was saving money on my customer transportation.

Thank you Quickride!

Mark’s Quickride Customer


WhatMark’s CustomersAre Saying

“I got a ride home and I got picked up
that’s what I call real
customer service. Thanks!”

“Always greeted with a smile and helped promptly. The ride home and picked up to get my vehicle is beyond expectation. The people at Chevy make me proud to be a Chevy owner!”

“My service advisor was amazing! I felt comfortable, I got a ride home and picked up. Thank you very much it really helps to have a service like yours.”

Shuttle driver cost$3,500$3,500$3,500$3,500
Ride counts107456523485
Rides per day4171918
Monthly ride expenses$5,756.89$3,758.52$3,905.12$3,650
Total Savings$0$1,998.37$1,851.77$2,106.89