Interview with Greg White of Marvin K. Brown Auto Center

1. What was the problem you were having before you discovered Quickride?

Prior to Quickride our system was antiquated and very informal . It was far too susceptible to human error and miscommunication. When the opportunity arose to have Mark Toohey present to our San Diego G.M. Service Managers club we were pleased with the presentation and interested in learning more about what Quickride could do for us to modernize our customers experience with our shuttle process and to help stage our drivers in a far more efficient manner.

2. What did it feel like when you tried to solve those problems?

They were met with more antiquated solutions and the system has too many employees using it to maintain organization throughout.

3. Take me through the moment when you realized Quickride was actually going to solve your shuttle issues?

As we were able to meet with Mark Toohey in person and have him demo the Quickride software and the other facets and utilizations for the product it became quickly apparent that the solution was to go forward with Quickride to solve our transportation obstacles.

4. What does life look like now that your shuttle problem is solved or being solved?

Were able to plan ahead more appropriately for busy times and overflow. We can utilize our shuttle drivers when our parts department is in need of a quick and/or unexpected pickup. The functionality of sending our customers a link so that they can choose the time and place to be picked up is definitely well received by our clientele. Technical issues are quickly addressed and corrected if they fall on the side of Quickride.