Manage all of your concierge valet appointments with ease

Create and schedule appointments for vehicle pick-up and delivery

Empower your mobile specialists with an easy-to-use app to manage their daily appointments

Give your customers the transparency they’re used to and stop the flood of status-update phone calls

Free up your Service Advisors to do their jobs, not track drivers and manage appointments

Appointment Management

  • Creating appointment windows automatically generates text messages to your customers
  • Keep your team on the same page with Urgent Tasks, customized text messages, and more.
  • Always know where your drivers are

Real-Time Driver Updates and Tracking

  • Specialist App available for both iOS and Android
  • Track your drivers without the need to install equipment
  • Status updates and notes for your team and customers to monitor

Customer app

  • No Downloads Required
  • Customers can contact their Specialist directly from their secure webapp
  • Driver tracking with status and ETA updates

Audi Co-Op Reimbursement

From now until October 31st, ask us about our Audi of America Co-Op Reimbursement Program for Quickride’s Jobs Platform.

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