How to Make Auto Repairs Simple for Your Customers to Understand


The best way to help anyone understand something is through providing information in a simplified manner. The more information you can provide the better, utilizing multiple media channels, as well as traditional communication methods, will result in happy customers.

If you can make auto repairs simple for your customers to understand, you will see a more profitable repair order and customer retention rate. Promote a customer-friendly environment and make customers feel like you’re helping rather than ‘doing them a favor’.

Simple Communication

Using layman’s terms is not offensive or condescending. Direct communication is still the best way to make auto repairs simple for your customers to understand. Modern cars and the terminology used in dealerships are not common outside of the shop environment, and it’s best to simplify the phrases used and avoid acronyms.

Today’s customers can be skeptical and suspicious. This is unfortunately a result of malpractices in the industry. Simplifying terminology helps your customers build confidence with you, as they can gain a clear understanding of the repair when given honest, direct communication..

Transparency Builds Trust

Trust follows good communication, and building upon that trust requires transparency. This can make auto repairs simple to understand by disclosing the actions you are taking. Providing relevant information to customers can help them piece together the process themselves.

Customers left waiting around often get anxious. Another way you can be transparent is by being honest and discussing the repair issue and the time it will take. Consider software that provides real time updates as the work is being performed, and scheduled shuttle rides for customers so they aren’t left waiting around in the shop. When customers feel like they can trust you, they will come back again and again.

Easy Access Repair Information

Single sheets of paper and reports with scribbled notes or overly abbreviated phrases are unacceptable now. This doesn’t always mean more paperwork or the need for someone to spend an hour writing an essay. However, some do still prefer a paper breakdown of the service with a receipt.

Creating an easily digestible overview of the service provided with structured points helps customers not feel overwhelmed. Don’t underestimate the usefulness of a PDF with bullet point notes or a table chart! Concise and simple information can be the easiest to understand.

Provide Online Material

The internet is more accessible than ever. People always research before buying or using a service, and mobile devices have enabled this further. Online material like videos, downloadable spreadsheets and blogs provide extensive information.

Not only will these resources make auto repairs simple for your customers to understand, but they represent a way for you to show your knowledge and expertise. Rather than shoving ads in customers’ faces, online media can be a friendly but professional way to connect and drive traffic to your business.

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