How a Centralized Shuttle Management System Can Help Your Bottom Line


Leveraging technology, especially a centralized shuttle management system, is one of the fastest ways to increase your bottom line.

In this post, we’re going to examine five ways in which shuttle software helps companies boost their revenue.

5 Ways Shuttle Software Helps Boost Revenue and Improve Dealership Bottom Line

1. Centralized shuttle management systems improve process efficiency

It’s a well-known maxim that ‘time is money’, and nowhere is this more true than in the world of transportation. That’s why service managers are always looking for innovative ways to enhance productivity.

And that’s where having a centralized shuttle management system comes into play.

Shuttle management software makes it easy to automate processes such as driver assignment, dispatching, and appointment booking.

This automation makes it simple to identify bottlenecks in your in-house shuttle system that might be costing your dealership. Using software to manage shuttles can also greatly reduce the time employees spend manually creating schedules and organizing drivers.

2. Centralized shuttle management systems reduce errors

Service Advisors spend a large portion of their day managing the errors that come with manual ride dispatching, creating shuttle rides, and estimating wait times. 

Small mistakes such as providing the drivers with incorrect pickup/dropoff information can cause major inconveniences to passengers and increase costs for the dealership.

An automated centralized shuttle management system improves accuracy on both front and back-end operations, allowing massive cost savings.

3. Centralized shuttle management systems give greater visibility

Knowing where your vehicles are at any given point in time is absolutely imperative to running a successful and profitable operation at your dealership.

By using a centralized shuttle management system like Quickride, you have access to a Command Center, an interface that gives you details of the whereabouts of your shuttles.

You’ll be able to see at what time they arrive at their destinations so you can book them for another appointment as soon as they have completed their current trip.

Shuttle software gives you the visibility you need to ensure your shuttles are giving you the best returns possible. It also gives your customers peace of mind knowing how far away the shuttle driver is from them – a process they have become accustomed to with the growth of at-home deliveries in 2020 and beyond.

4. Centralized shuttle management systems make the car buying experience more enjoyable

According to Deloitte’s Driving Through The Consumer’s Mind: Steps In The Buying Process report, the average car buyer spends more than 10 hours doing their own research prior to visiting the dealership. And once ready to buy, more than half would prefer to spend less than 45 minutes at the dealership.

By the time a customer is entering the final stage of buying, they are exhausted and not too keen on wasting any more time. What you do during this stage can be pivotal in setting you apart from the other dealers.

By using a centralized shuttle management system, your potential customers can cut back on the time taken to get to and from your dealership. By making life easier for them and helping clients save time, you automatically stand out from the crowd.

And research has shown that dealerships that make use of shuttle software such as Quickride enjoy repeat business from clients who used their shuttle service. Furthermore, those very same clients typically spend more on repairs, thereby increasing your bottom line.

5. Centralized shuttle management systems eliminate manual driver monitoring

Are calls between dispatchers and your drivers costing you money by decreasing efficiency?

With a modern, streamlined and centralized shuttle management system, you can say goodbye to legacy ways of managing shuttle services.

Simplify your shuttle operations with a robust user-friendly shuttle management system like Quickride and ditch the clipboard.


Improve your bottom line by adopting a tried-and-tested centralized shuttle management system that was specifically designed for car dealers by two Service Directors who deeply understand the struggles and solutions of running an in-house courtesy shuttle.

By investing in making the car-buying journey or repair process easier and less stressful for your prospective clients, you position your dealership as a client-centric partner they are happy to do business with.

If you’re looking for easy-to-use shuttle software that’ll help you ramp up your revenue, look no further than Quickride. Contact us today.