7 Steps in Cleaning Car Engine

We are often more concern about the cleanliness of the exterior of the car, however, this is not the only one we need to keep clean. As part of routine cleaning and check-ups, you should also include the car engine. By not taking care of the engine, months and years of grime and grease can stick in and cause major damage. Engine clean up should be done at least twice a year and more if you live in an area that has the harsh condition.

By following the steps below, this can ensure the car’s running condition. Be careful though as improperly cleaning the engine can cause damage.

  1. Cool the engine and make sure that it turned off.
  2. Cover these parts distributor, electronic components, carburetor & air intake systems with foil or plastic.
  3. Seal all valves and vacuum lines.
  4. Use engine degreaser
  5. For thick residue, let it soak for 10-15mins then brush.
  6. Rinse well
  7. Let the engine run for 15mins.