Quickride Customer Service Email & Phone number

Here is our Customer Service contact information: Hours of operation: Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm PST Phone #: 1 888-570-6807 Support: support@goquickride.com


Top 5 Benefits of Quickride

Most of the Service Department who offers shuttle service would have the old method of requesting a ride and that is by writing your name on a piece of paper or clipboard. This method creates dissatisfaction as customers have to wait indefinitely for the shuttle. Quickride is an application...


Command Center: Ride Distribution

Ride distribution is now simplified and automatic. Quickride developed an algorithm that is intuitive. The algorithm will ensure that the Driver's route gets planned out. And the rides get distributed with the greatest efficiency. Conditions on how the rides get assigned to the shuttle...


How to Cancel a Ride?

In case a ride was booked incorrectly it can be canceled. There are only 2 ways a ride can be canceled: through the Passenger app or the Command Center. Shuttle Drivers don't have the ability to cancel rides, they can only finish/complete a ride. On the Passenger App If the ride has been scheduled,...

Command Center: Reassigning Ride

Reassigning rides is an essential process for Shuttle Coordinators. Reassigning allows them to switch the rides between Drivers. Once the Driver logs in the app, any rides created in the Command Center will get assigned to a Driver. Service Advisors/BDC coordinator doesn't need to check which...