The Longo Lexus and Quickride Partnership

“Having the ability to pick up vehicles and drop them off has been really paramount to keeping us going through this time.”- Paul Wareham, Longo Lexus, El Monte, CA

Before bringing Quickride into his dealership, Paul Wareham, the Service Director of Longo Lexus in El Monte, California, knew that, while his pick-up/drop-off service was popular and successful, it could be much more streamlined. “Our team was doing an incredible job of doing everything by hand,” he said. “But it was a very arduous process.” Longo Lexus originally managed its services through a multistate call center, meaning that requests from Paul’s dealership were handled by the same center as sister dealerships across California and Texas.

In addition to navigating the busy call center, Paul’s employees juggled several considerations for each pick-up and drop-off: the customer’s distance from the dealership, how many drivers were available, dates and times that worked with everyone’s schedules, making sure customers understood all of the stipulations for flatbed pickups and more. It was a lot of manual work for Paul’s team and, despite coordinating all of these logistics thoughtfully, they were not able to easily let customers know the exact time a driver would arrive nor who that driver would be, something they knew would be valuable.

While the system worked and the dealership’s service department was very successful, between the call center, managing distance from customers, conflicting dates, and several flatbed drivers, Longo Lexus’s service seemed like something that didn’t belong in the 21st century. It was one burdensome step after another, which wasted productive time for both the employees and the customers. Paul recognized that with the right technology implementation, Longo Lexus could bring their service experience to the next level for both their team and their customers.

“When we partnered with Quickride, I was looking for a solution to a couple of things,” Paul said. “One, to bring us into the technology age where we could actually communicate with our customers…and [two] we needed a solution for scheduling…to make it more streamlined, to make it quicker.” Quickride’s services solved both of these problems.

Quickride consolidated Longo Lexus’s pick-up/drop-off service to one place. The team came into the dealership and worked closely with Longo Lexus to implement a program that would fit their needs. Not only did Quickride update Longo Lexus’s service program, but it also equipped the dealership’s team with the skills they needed to use it effectively. “The Quickride team was amazing,” Paul remembered. Within a couple of weeks, everything was up and running.”


Longo Lexus is one of the nation’s largest Lexus dealerships, located in El Monte, California, and services thousands of vehicles a week from the greater Los Angeles area.

With everyone trained, all of Paul’s employees could use one program to coordinate their services. It’s far easier to see appointments ahead of time, correct any mistakes, and prepare in advance. Gone were the days of cross-referencing the call center, handwritten charts, and different schedules. “Longo Lexus has not only been instrumental in improving our products, but they also have proven that dealerships across the country, regardless of their size, have the need to provide these kinds of services,” Fernando Uribe, Quickride’s Director of Operations, said.

With the advent of Quickride, Longo Lexus did not just maintain their usual numbers, they actually increased their capacity for runs and mobile repairs. Paul’s hypothesis was right: the dealership became even more successful with the right technology partner. They began strategically scheduling their most profitable repair services using Quickride. Doing this allowed Longo Lexus to provide an efficient and streamlined process for customers utilizing most of their service department while ensuring that the dealership saw the best profit yield. This type of strategic scheduling meant services Longo Lexus scheduled using Quickride provided double the revenue to the dealership compared to those they did in-store without increasing costs to customers.

Most importantly, the dealership wasn’t the only one to benefit from Quickride; customers loved the new tech too. In follow-up surveys, customers raved about Quickride’s simplicity and convenience. “It was great to see that our customers were singing the praises of everything we were trying to accomplish” Paul said. “There was nothing but positive feedback for the team.”