Here’s Why Toyota of Pasadena prefers to use Quickride over Lyft


After making the switch from rideshare services to Quickride, Toyota of Pasadena quickly noticed that sending customers on their own shuttles was much more favored than a Lyft and/or Uber. Not only was Lyft getting too expensive, customers were complaining that the drivers were rude and having customers driving in competitors’ vehicles was not good for business. And although it was convenient not having a few extra people on payroll, the negatives outweigh the benefits.

They claim to have spent an average of $12,040 a month on rideshare services before switching to Quickride and only had to put out about $350 after the switch. Since the switch to Quickride they have acquired two shuttles, both of which cost roughly $5,000 a month to maintain. So with an approximate $10,350, Toyota of Pasadena saves about $1,690 a month on shuttle rides provided to customers.

Since the switch to Quickride they have seen an increase in their CSI score. Now that they are running their own shuttles and using Quickride to manage them, they are getting positive customer feedback whereas with Lyft they were getting complaints. And they say that with Quickride’s trial period (first 30 days for free), it made the switch from Lyft to Quickride just that much easier with no obligation.


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