Understanding Driver ETA

In Operations, everything needs to move like clockwork. We understand how important time is. Time is essential not only for your Customers but also for your Dealership. And the enhancement we made in the Driver app, it will make the ETA more realistic for both your Drivers and Passengers.

At the beginning, we were using straight line distance and we received suggestions on how to make it better. And now we are now using driving distance instead of straight line distance. The driving distance is more accurate as it factors in road and traffic conditions. Second, we updated our algorithm. Third, we added buffer to the ETA which should help with customer expectations around arrival time.  Lastly, we have added an ETA for when the Driver is on his way back to the Dealership. 


With Quickride we simplified the process of contacting a person whether Drivers need to speak with the one who created the ride or their Passenger.