How to Use Passenger App?

Using the Passenger App link in requesting for a shuttle is easier for customers. With the Passenger app, they are in control of when and where they would like to get picked up. To send the link to the customer, Service Advisors can send the link to the customer from the command center app. They need to get the customer’s name and phone number and put that in the Set by Passenger in Creating a ride tab. The Customer will then receive a link to the passenger app.
Please note that this will need usage of mobile data to use the app. Mobile charges depend on the customer’s phone carrier. Also, the link to passenger app does not expire and can be reused over and over again.  

Steps in the Passenger App

use passenger app

1. Customers/passenger can request for a shuttle with the use of the link. Using location services, it can locate the passenger or they can search for the address.

location access

2. After they enable location services, the app will search for the nearest location. It doesn’t mean that it’s their actual location. They can move the pin to their exact location. And they can also use “Edit pickup location” to input the correct address

pickup location

3. Once address gets confirmed, click on Schedule a Pick-up.

confirm schedule pickup

4. The app will then confirm the request and pick up point, if everything is correct, click ok.

confirm pickup point

5. Passengers need to wait for the shuttle.

wait shuttle

6. Passenger will receive text messages from Quickride. Go to SMS or Text Alert to know what messages will they receive and how to stop getting messages.

sms text message

How to Cancel Ride request:

There are 2 ways to cancel a ride request:

1. In the Passenger App, the Cancel Ride at the bottom of the screen.

cancel ride

2. A ride can also get canceled at the Command Center.

cancel ride command center