Using Quickride Shuttles & Jobs to Create a Seamless and Contactless Vehicle Pick-Up and Delivery Experience

In this example, you’ll see how a dealership is using both the Quickride Shuttles and Jobs platform together to give their customers a smooth and contactless vehicle valet service from the comfort of their own home.. Using a similar process, your dealership will be able to implement this method quickly and effectively to give your customers a superior service experience without the need for a chase vehicle.

Quickride Lexus Employee List
Beverly DeCampo – BDC Representative
Jim Porter – Dealership Employee
Diego Costanza – Dealership Customer
Shubam Deva – Shuttle Driver
Serena Adams – Service Advisor

The Pick-Up

Diego needs to get some repairs done on his vehicle and calls Quickride Lexus to schedule an appointment. His call is answered by Beverly DeCampo. While scheduling the appointment, she asks Diego if he would like to have his vehicle picked up and delivered to the dealership with their new Contactless Valet Service. 

After agreeing, he is given a 1 to 2 PM appointment window for tomorrow afternoon. Beverly then schedules the following appointments:

  1. In the Quickride Jobs platform, she schedules an appointment with Diego’s details for 1 to 2 PM tomorrow and assigns it to Jim Porter, a dealership employee on shift tomorrow.
  2. In the Quickride Shuttles platform, she schedules an outbound Future Ride for Jim for tomorrow at 12:45 PM, 15 minutes prior to the pickup window start time.

Diego gets a text message that confirms the appointment has been set and links him to the Customer App to track his appointment day-of.

The next day, Jim arrives at the dealership to start his day and opens up the Quickride Specialist App on his phone. He sees that he has a 1 PM pickup for Diego Costanza. At 12:45 PM, Jim goes to the shuttle pickup location to wait for the shuttle. A short time later, the shuttle driver, Shubham Deva, arrives and sees Jim’s name in his Driver App’s rides list. Shubham and Jim enter the shuttle and depart.

After departing, Jim opens his Quickride Specialist App, logs in, and selects “Jobs”. He sees Diego’s appointment, taps on it, and presses “Go”. 

Diego receives a text message saying that Jim is en-route and can see Jim’s movement towards his location on the map in his Customer App. 

When he is 5 minutes away, Jim calls Diego to let him know that he is almost there to pick up his Lexus.

The shuttle arrives at Diego’s home. Jim exits the shuttle, and changes the Job Status in his Specialist App to “Started”. 

Keys are exchanged, Jim reviews Diego’s vehicle, and Jim takes photos of the vehicle to register its starting condition. Jim then texts the pictures to Diego and to Diego’s service advisor Serena Adams.

Jim enters the vehicle, and presses “Navigate Back to Station” in his Specialist App to get turn-by-turn directions back to the dealership.

Jim arrives at the dealership and lets Serena know that Diego’s vehicle is in the service bay waiting for intake. Jim marks the Job as “Completed” in the SpecialistApp.

The Delivery

The next day, Serena calls Diego to let him know that his vehicle is ready. Serena asks Diego if he would like to take advantage of the Contactless Valet Service again to have his car delivered to him. 

Since the first time went so well, Diego opts to use the Contactless Valet Service again. Serena then schedules the following appointments:

  1. Using the Quickride Jobs platform, she sets up a 1-hour appointment window for Diego for later that day, from 3 to 4 PM, and assigns the job to Jim Porter. 
  2. Using the Quickride Shuttles platform, Serena schedules an inbound Future Ride back to the dealership from Diego’s address for Jim at 3:15 PM, 15 minutes after the appointment window start time.

Jim gets a notification that he has a new job in the Quickride Specialist App. He opens it up and sees Diego’s appointment for later that day. At 3 PM, he gets into Diego’s now-serviced vehicle, taps on Diego’s appointment in the Specialist App, and presses “Go”.

Diego gets a text notifying him that Jim is on en route and he can track Jim’s location from his phone again. Jim arrives at Diego’s home at 3:15 PM. 

He marks the job as Started, wipes down the vehicle’s interior surfaces, covers the steering wheel in a wrapper, and calls Diego to let him know he has arrived. The keys are exchanged  and Jim takes photos of the interior and exterior of the vehicle to send back to Serena. He makes any necessary notes in the Driver App and marks the Job as “Completed”.

A few minutes later, Shubham arrives in the shuttle and picks up Jim to bring him back to the dealership.


  1. Make sure to schedule the outbound shuttle ride for the dealership employee at least 15 minutes before the vehicle pickup appointment start time. This will ensure the shuttle driver has a buffer time to see who he needs to pick up and get them on the shuttle.
  2. Make sure to schedule the inbound shuttle ride for the dealership employee at least 15 minutes after the vehicle delivery appointment start time. This will ensure the shuttle doesn’t arrive at the customer’s location too early to pick up the dealership employee.
  3. If your dealership has a high volume of jobs or are doing multiple vehicle pick-ups and deliveries in the same time frames, you may want to consider increasing your appointment windows from 1 hour to 1.5 hours or higher. Note: Adjust your shuttle scheduling accordingly.
  4. If your BDC or Service Advisors do not have knowledge of the schedules of employees who will be doing the pickup and deliveries, have them assign all next day or further out appointments to the employees’ manager or a coordinator. At the start of each day, that manager or coordinator will be responsible for re-assigning the day’s jobs to dealership employees according to their schedules.
  5. Customize your Jobs SMS templates so that the text makes sense for both Vehicle Pick-Ups and Deliveries. 

Ways to Go Contactless

  1. Use paper or plastic bags to allow customers to drop a key into the bag. If the key is not necessary to start the vehicle, it can remain in the bag. If the key is required, remove the key from the bag using a disinfectant wipe, clean the keys, and use it as normal.
    • When returning the vehicle, wipe the keys with a disinfectant in front of the customer.
  2. Research ways to cover surfaces for employees driving the vehicle, such as steering wheel wrappers, disposable seat covers, etc.
    • It is important to wipe down the interior surfaces when first entering the vehicle during the pickup process and at the end of the delivery.
  3. Ask customers to use a lockbox and disinfect the key and lockbox before. Make sure the customer provides the combination of the lockbox prior to setting the appointment and input the code into the job notes when creating the appointment.

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