What is a Command Center?

The Command Center is an application that is designed to improve Car Dealer’s ability to efficiently manage their shuttles by automating the way the requests are made. Standardizing the process of managing rides enables Service Advisors/Shuttle Dispatchers to:

  1. Know where the Drivers are real-time.
  2. Know how far the Drivers will be going when they shuttle their passenger/s.
  3. Keep track of how many rides are completed.
  4. Track warranty rides and submits a report for reimbursement (GM & Ford)
  5. Ensure the safety of both the Driver and Passenger as the app keeps track of the actual speed of the shuttles.
  6. With the built-in navigation system that provides turn-by-turn instruction, Drivers are able to save time on the road and shuttle Passengers in an orderly fashion because rides are grouped together based on Driver’s current route.
  7. Improve Customer Satisfaction because passengers have the ability to summon a shuttle anywhere they are without having to list it in a clipboard. The passenger links are directly accessible on mobile phones.

And these are all available in the Command Center. Below is an overview of what the Command Center looks like.