What is a Passenger Quickride App?

The Passenger app is one of the ways Service Advisors can empower customers. With this app, the Passengers can request for a shuttle when they need one.

To send the Passenger App link:

  1. In the Command Center create a ride form, select Set by Passenger.
  2. Put the Customer’s name and phone number. The command center will send a web link to the customer’s mobile phone. This web link does not expire so that customer can use it over and over again.

Benefits of Using the Passenger App

  1. Customers can request rides at their convenience.
  2. They know when they can expect the shuttle to arrive.
  3. They see they can see where the shuttle is real-time.

Our passenger app provides transparency and gives the customer an invisible queue. Customer expectations are more manageable and realistic thus improves their level of satisfaction.

Technology is evolving in auto dealerships. But with so many applications to choose from, it can be difficult to weed through what is the right solution for your dealership. After helping dozens of Quickride partners successfully transform their shuttle management process with our app, the Quickride team understands that for some, taking on a new software can feel like a big undertaking. Let us help you solve your shuttle problems nowClick here to schedule a demo.