What Services Do Customers Expect from their Dealers?

Customer Service has been the cornerstone of businesses for which it thrives upon. The success or failure of an entrepreneur lies in their ability to build a solid foundation. A foundation built upon efficiency and quality of customer service.

We will look into the 3 major things that customers look for in a business.

1. Timeliness of Service – Digital age brought together a multitude of avenues to share and get information. Though the time-tested method of print, ads, and word of mouth are still a success. Nothing beats a viral video, a tweet or an Instagram worthy picture. A fiery post can reach millions of people in a span of hours, across continents and borders.And that is why businesses need to thread safely when posting or sharing. This goes as well to the speed of service. People now mainly use the internet to gather information. Review a product or a service. And purchase goods and services. Since most information is now available online, they expect businesses to be able to adapt to these changes and deliver the goods or services exactly when the customer demands it. That is why it is important to set the proper expectation on what kind of service they will get and when they will get it. Be it a take-out or a car repair, the customer expects businesses to deliver it fast. As they say, time is always of the essence.

2. Accuracy of Resolution – In a fast-paced world, the ability to gain mastery is one of the crucial pieces in the business objective. It’s costly to have to face rework, product recalls or lawsuits because of a product or a service caused damage or misconduct. This is also the reason why companies spend a huge amount of money on training people how to do it properly and efficiently. With this knowledge, employees are being trained to be trusted advisors. Customer nowadays relies on online reviews, blogs, and articles related to the type of service that they are looking for. But customers still prefer people that they can trust and who can confidently educate and help them come up with a decision. Providing the right resolution is just one piece of the puzzle. Being a thought leader speaks of credibility, brings about trust and more importantly, repeat business.

3. Value of Service – Being time conscious and knowledgeable are among the key aspects in that builds a good service. And what will glue them all together is one’s ability to provide a personalized experience for the customer. Putting value in your service means not just putting your best and brightest but also means putting your heart in it. It’s passion that evokes that feeling of camaraderie. This is the kind of value that people will be able to set your business apart from the rest of similar establishments or service.

Digital age has brought about new challenges for businesses. And with every changing time, the business’ ability to flourish lies in its people, company values and adaptability.


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