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Increase Customer Satisfaction

Founded by two Service Directors, Quickride is easy-to-use shuttle and concierge software that reduces the time customers spend waiting at a car dealership. These efficiencies lead to increased profitability and customer satisfaction, and turn transportation services from a cost center into a profit center.

Reduce the "Where is my driver?" call to Service Advisors.

Quickride manages all interactions with vehicles, customers, and drivers so your Service Advisors can stay focused on selling.

Save time

Quickride’s route optimization technology takes traffic, weather, and road conditions into consideration to ensure your drivers take the quickest and most efficient routes with turn by turn directions.

Efficient Drivers

Your drivers will have turn by turn directions for their next appointment, pick up, drop off and return home. Automatic dispatching saves your advisors from manually assigning rides.

Save money

Take advantage of warranty ride manufacturer rebates. Many of our customers have also found that it is more cost effective to run your own shuttle service than using any other service to get passengers to and from warranty service.

Stay in command

With a glance at the Quickride Command Center, you’ll know where all of your vehicles are at and at what time they will reach their destination. The Command Center view updates in real-time so you’ll never miss a beat.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Your customers will now know exactly where and when to meet the driver. Push notifications and phone calls ensure that the rider meets your driver and the ride or appointment stays on time.

Increase Repair Order Size

Reducing the time customers spend waiting at the dealership leads to increased profitability since customers not waiting in the dealership lounge are more likely to say “yes” to additional service recommendations.

+1,000,000Appointments Completed!

Quickride is a proven system that can handle all of your off-site logistics needs.

Customize the text messages your customer receives

Completely satisfy your customers with truly exceptional service while increasing advisor productivity.

Real-time driver updates

Real time maps keep customers informed. Once in-transit, know exactly when the driver will arrive.

Never miss an appointment

With push notifications and a phone call with the driver on arrival, customers will never miss their shuttle or appointment.

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November/December 2021

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$299.99 Monthly
  • 6 Shuttles
  • Command Center
  • Driver App
  • Passenger App
  • $200 One-time